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Proper Engineered Solutions

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Engineering Team

We have SABI Approved and Professionally Registered Design Engineers.

Our strong team of Civil and Mechanical Engineers will analyze and make use of the survey data to design your irrigation system to your every need.  We even contribute to the planning of your farming infrastructure.


 Irrigation systems designed by us are optimized for long-term water saving and energy efficiency to better your farming.


We are experienced in variable flow and controlled fertigation technology to offer automated precision irrigation solutions.

Project Management and installation

Our team of project managers and installers will ensure that your irrigation system is assembled, installed, and commissioned properly for many years of reliable service.

Water Engineering

Our skills are not limited to irrigation only.  We also design water transfer systems,  domestic water reticulation systems, water storage systems, and specialized pump stations.


Our qualified personnel will visit you to do a proper survey of your new development or existing farmland.  Our survey team makes use of state-of-the-art RTK technology.

Additional Solutions

Water management

Measure and log your water flow data. Our team can tailormade a water management solution according to your specific needs. 



Our Engineering team provides comprehensive solar solutions for your existing or new water pumping systems.

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